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Most Trusted Pest Control Services Gulshan For Pest Free Environment

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pest control services Gulshan

Are you struggling to find pest control services Gulshan? Stay relax! You have already come to the right spot. We can help you create a safe, welcoming, and certainly free from pests in both houses and offices. Gulshan is a cleaner area than other areas in Dhaka. Unfortunately, it is not 100% free from insect pest infestations.

You may have succeeded in killing several cockroaches and rodents. But is it a permanent solution? Will you spend your valuable time daily to kill pests? That’s where a professional pest control service comes into play. If you are a regular resident of Gulshan, don’t miss out on this article!

Common Pest Services in Gulshan

Not all areas of the Dhaka city have the same common pests. To control pests in your particular area of Gulshan, you must find all the susceptible pests. Gulshan is a living spot for various types of pests. Most importantly, you can’t use the sample control method for all these pests.


These omnivorous insects thrive best in dirty areas. Excess moisture, garbage, dirty dishes, exposed food, etc., are the common cause of cockroaches. Their optimal growing temperature is 30°C to 35°C with a humidity level of 90% to 95%. Plus, unusual smells, droppings, shed skin, egg cases, etc., are common signs of cockroach infestation.

pest control Gulshan


Rats, mice, squirrels, and hamsters are common rodents in households and offices. These gnawing mammals can cause structural damage, food damage, and electrical damage. Plus, they can spread Hantavirus, leptospirosis, Lassa fever, Hemorrhagic fever, etc.


Due to hotter temperatures and high humidity, the Gulshan area has become a higher mosquito-density area. Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are the root causes of Dengue viruses. Surprisingly, around 1393 people died from the 2023 dengue outbreak.

Bed Bugs

These tiny wingless insects thrive best at 70°C to 80°C temperature. They live on fabric, wood, and paper surfaces. Plus, bed bugs can cause itching, painful bites, loss of sleep, allergies or infection in some cases. They can leave small brown spots on bedding or furniture.


These eusocial insects thrive best in very warm environments. In Gulshan, red imported fire ants, carpenter ants, black house ants, and argentine ants are common. They can damage a home’s structural integrity. Additionally, wood shavings, ant trails, wall rustling, and discarded wings are common signs of an infestation.

Effective Pest Control Solutions

After identifying all the susceptive pests, you want to take appropriate steps to eliminate them. Whether for residential or commercial, you can follow two effective pest control solutions.

DIY Methods

DIY methods can work for you if you can identify pest infestations initially. Of course, you want to use the most suitable. However, don’t expect it to be as good as a professional Gulshan pest control service.

pest control Services gulshan

Professional Gulshan Pest Control Services

Do pest infestations stay unnoticed for several weeks to months in your house or office? It may have already caused severe damage. Hence, you must get help from a professional pest control service provider to eliminate them immediately. When choosing pest control services Gulshan, don’t forget to consider the company’s reputation, experience, license and customer service. 

Why do You Need Professional Pest Control Services?

Household owners often prefer DIY solutions. After all, they are affordable and offer instant feedback. However, professional pest control services are better if you want a long-term solution along with preventive measures. Here is why you should choose it!

Skilled professionals: They have licensed and certified exterminators to handle pest control tasks effectively. Their team sometimes includes entomologists to deal with complex infestations or unusual pests. Also, these professionals have in-depth knowledge of pests.

Customized Solutions: They will choose customized solutions and appropriate methods depending on the specific pests and unique situations.

Gulshan Pest Control Service

Safety: A professional pest control service provider will always follow the safety standards to protect humans, pets, and the surrounding environment. In addition, they will use the safest method for pest elimination. 

Proactive Pest Management: Even your DIY solutions can treat pest infestation temporarily. A professional pest control Gulshan service provider creates a comprehensive prevention plan to ensure a pest-free environment in the future.

Selecting Appropriate Pest Control Services Gulshan

A conscious household or office owner won’t randomly choose a Gulshan Pest Control Service. Select the finest pest controller with extensive experience. They can handle pests professionally. A certified pest management professional’s employees have undergone specialized training to deal with pests safely.

Choose a licensed pest control company that can give you peace of mind by safely applying treatments. In addition, you want to consider their work approach. It should not be always a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Instead of always relying on chemical-based solutions, they can sometimes use non-chemical methods, like sanitation, habitat modification, etc. Plus, they should have specialists who can assess the extent and type of pest infestation.

Their professional team visit the affected areas, detects the entry points, and potential breeding grounds, and recommends the best treatment plans. Also, you want to consider their Integrated Pest Management techniques, treatment plants, overall costs, service fees, reviews, etc.

Gearing Up Your Home For Pest Control

Once you select pest control services Gulshan, making your home ready for pest control is crucial. You should complete the following vital tasks before choosing a professional Gulshan Pest Control Service.

Tidy Up: Remove unnecessary items from the affected areas. This will make the pest eradication task easier and save time. Clean the kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, cabinets, behind appliances, under sinks, and in-wall voids.

Keep The Food Protected: Store the food in airtight containers to avoid pests from sneaking a snack during treatment. It can include sugary treats, starchy staples, nutty butter, open crumbs, etc.

Laundry and Bedding: There might be hidden pests and eggs on your wash sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and mattresses. Wash them in hot water with regular laundry detergent to kill pests or eggs hiding in the fabric.

Pet Well-being: Do you have any pets in your home? If so, let the pest elimination company know about it. They may ask you to keep your pet in another place if it involves complex infestations or unusual pests.

Preparing for Your Treatment: What to Know

Once everything is finalized, the pest control company will visit the on-site spot to assess the intensity of pest infestations. Then, they will recommend the best pest-controlling solution to keep the area pest-free for a long time. 

The pest control service provider will use special products based on the pest type and situation. For instance, they will use sprays to kill adult insects. But baits are more effective for ants and roaches. Rodenticides are suitable for killing rats and mice.

In addition, they may use Termiticides for termites and Desiccants for bed bugs. Besides, the certified pest management professional will meticulously follow safety standards. They may ask to stay out of the effects during the treatment. 


Wondering how to get pest control services Gulshan? You don’t need to spend hours to hire a pest control company. Just search for the best Gulshan Pest Control Service near me on the internet. Jahan pest control service provider is at the top of the list. This company has licensed and certified exterminators, entomologists, and service technicians to provide the best pest elimination and prevention service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide pest control services for almost all types of residential and commercial buildings.
Jahan pest control provider offers pest control services seven days a week, including holidays, to fulfil our customer demand.
We generally send one inspector to assess the affected areas. But if it is a complex situation, we may send two inspectors.
Yes, we offer long-term services, especially for commercial buildings where pest infestations are widespread.
It may take 1-3 days, depending on the intensity of pest infestations, pest type, and current condition.
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