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Bed Bugs Control Services: A Guide to Bedbugs-Free Home

You will find advertisements for Bed Bugs control services on walls in every alley of Dhaka. Bed bugs are a big issue in this densely populated city. These are reddish parasitic insects that feast on your blood. Besides, they can disrupt your good night’s sleep and make your life a living hell. 

But, not to worry. If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, don’t panic. Jahan Pest Control Services is there to eliminate this unwanted guest. Let’s learn in detail.

Recognizing the Enemy

When it comes to bedbugs, early detection is the key. Because if you can detect them soon, it will be much easier to battle them. 

These nocturnal insects are tiny in size, like the size of an apple seed. Plus, they are reddish-brown and flat out after feasting on your blood. You have to look for beds, mattresses, rugs, and furniture crevices.  

Furthermore, tiny dark spots or rust-colored stains can also signal their presence. If you wake up in the morning with itchy bites in a cluster, it might be time to call a professional.

Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to detect bedbug infestation because of their tiny sizes and nocturnal behavior. As a result, they exponentially grow in number within a short time. Nonetheless, there will be signs. You will know when you see the following signs:

Bites: Bed bug bites appear in clusters. They bite on your exposed skin during sleep. Your skin will become itchy, red, and inflamed.

Bloodstains: If you find small, rusty-colored stains on bedding, mattresses, or furniture near where you sleep, it can be bedbugs. It is possible you crushed them while sleeping.

bed bugs control services

Cast Skins: As bed bugs grow with time, they shed their outer shell. Look for these translucent skins around your beds, mattresses, and bed frames.

Live Bed Bugs: Sometimes, you will get to see bedbugs gazing around you. However, they are most active at night. So check for them in cracks, crevices, and seams around your bed.

Musty Odor: If you feel a sweet, musty odour, it indicates a heavy bed bug infestation in your home. 

DIY vs Professional Help for Bed Bugs Control in Dhaka

Many people go for DIY home remedies with over-the-counter insecticides. However, these methods are often ineffective against established bedbug infestations. 

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly and hide in cracks and crevices in bedding and furniture in your home. For this reason, they are very difficult to eliminate without professional help. 

Professional bed bugs control services have the expertise, special equipment, and powerful insecticides to eradicate bed bugs efficiently. In contrast to DIY methods, professional help will be much more sustainable and effective.

bed bugs pest control services

Choosing the Right Pest Control Service

With so many bed bugs pest control services in Dhaka, selecting the right one can be challenging. First and foremost, you need to do thorough research about different companies.

Then, ask friends, family, or neighbours for recommendations. Look into companies that have proven track records in this industry. Moreover, they must have proper licenses, technicians, and experience, specifically in bed bug control.

Lastly, don’t be shy to ask for references and inquire about their treatment methods, warranties, and guarantees.

At Jahan Pest Control Services, we have bedbug specialists. They are specially trained to eradicate this blood-sucking insect from your home. Most importantly, we apply industry-leading processes, equipment, and ingredients.

Common Treatment Methods from Bed Bugs Services Near Me

Professional Bed Bugs control services use different methods to eliminate Bed Bugs. We at Jahan Pest Control Service apply customized solutions based on your infestation level. Here are three of the most common approaches to tackle bedbugs:

Heat Treatments: In this method, we use specialized equipment to raise the temperature of a room to a level lethal to bedbugs and their eggs. 

Insecticides: This method applies targeted application with residual or non-residual insecticides. They kill bed bugs and prevent future infestations.

Cryonite Treatments: This method applies extreme cold in the infested areas to freeze bedbugs to death at all life stages.

bed bugs services near me

What to Expect from Bed Bugs Control Services in Dhaka

A bedbug eradication treatment starts with a qualified professional inspecting your house. They will see the infested area and identify the extent of the infestation. Afterwards, they will determine the most suitable treatment plan. You can expect the following during the treatment:

Inspection: A thorough inspection by an experienced and trained professional is a must to identify the source and extent of the infestation.

Preparation: You have to prepare your home beforehand for treatment. It may involve removing your bedding, washing clothes in hot water, and vacuuming your home correctly.

Treatment: Based on the chosen method, the technician will usually apply insecticides or heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs. 

Follow-up: Almost every pest control company recommends follow-up treatments to ensure complete eradication and prevent them from returning.

Preparing for Treatment

In order to make the treatment effective, the right preparation at home is crucial. Your chosen company will provide you with pre-treatment preparation. However, we suggest our clients to: 

  • Wash all the beddings, clothes, and curtains in hot water, as well as dry them on high heat.
  • Vacuum your entire home thoroughly. Pay close attention to carpets, furniture, and baseboards. 
  • Encase mattresses and bedding if instructed by the technician.
  • Move all your furniture away from walls to allow for thorough treatment.

Living with Bed Bugs Control Solutions

Bedbug treatment is a time-consuming process. You may experience a lot of inconvenience during the treatment application process. But knowing them beforehand will help you make preparations. Here’s what you can expect: 

Temporary relocation: In some treatment plans, you may have to temporarily relocate for the sake of your safety and the effectiveness of the process.

Precautions: To avoid accidents, follow the pest control company’s instructions carefully. It can involve encasing mattresses and using interceptors for bed legs.

Patience: Eradicating bed bugs may take time. You may need multiple treatment applications in case

Final Words

To conclude, combining Bed Bugs control services with the proper preparation can relieve you from the disgusting grasp of bedbugs. With top-notch services from Jahan Pest Control Services, you will enjoy a good night’s sleep without any itchy bites. So, reach out to us to reclaim your home from bedbugs and say goodbye to all those restless nightmares!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of bed bugs treatment varies based on various factors. They include the severity level of the infestation, the size of your home, and the chosen treatment method. Usually, you can expect to pay several thousand taka for a good professional service.
You can apply DIY methods in case of minor infestation problems. However, bedbugs are very resilient and expert in hiding. So, to address a severe infestation, you must call for professional help.
It also depends on the infestation level and the size of your home. As a general rule, the process can take several weeks. The pest control company can pay multiple visits within this timeframe to ensure complete eradication.
Your chosen pest control company will provide post-treatment guidelines. If you follow them correctly, the chances of re-infestation will be low. However, you must stay vigilant. Make sure to inspect your bedding and furniture regularly for signs of bedbugs.
Cleanliness is the king when it comes to preventing bedbugs. But, you must also be cautious about buying secondhand furniture or staying in hotels. Regularly clean your carpets and furniture. On top of that, declutter your home to minimize potential hiding spots for bedbugs. Furthermore, you can use mattress encasements for extra protection.

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