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Industrial Pest Control Services: Guide to A Pest-Free Environment For Your Business

Ever wondered why many businesses hire industrial pest control services regularly? The answer is pretty obvious. Business and industrial premises must remain pest-free to operate effectively. Unlike houses, industrial setups are more prone to pest infestation. And to fight them, you need solid and effective pest control applications.

What is an industrial pest control service?

Industrial pest control is a critical service that helps businesses maintain a clean and safe working environment. Pests such as rodents, insects, and other vermin can cause significant damage to equipment, inventory, and property, as well as pose health risks to employees and customers. For this reason, it’s essential to invest in industrial pest control services to prevent pest infestations and ensure a pest-free environment.

The High Stakes of Industrial Pest Control Company

Pest infestations in industrial facilities can carry grave consequences. Because of this reason, businesses partner with industrial pest control services in perpetuity. Here are some reasons why you must apply effective pest control for industrial facilities:

Sub-standard Products

Pest infestations can contaminate ingredients, raw materials, finished goods, and packaging with feces, fur, and shed body parts in your facility. As a result, it compromises product quality and poses a severe health risk to consumers.

industrial pest control services

Equipment Damage

Rodents and insects are notorious for cutting wires and cables, resulting in equipment malfunctions and costly repairs. Furthermore, insects can build nests inside machinery. It hinders functionality and can cause fires.

Production Delays

A severe pest infestation can result in a complete shutdown of business operations for a thorough cleaning and extermination process. As a result, you will lose production time, shipment delays, and potential financial losses.

Compliance Issues

Many businesses are subject to strict regulations regarding pest control. For example, food and beverage production industries or pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

Furthermore, failing to maintain a pest-free environment can cause hefty fines or even shutting down your facility. 

industrial pest control services in Bangladesh

The Importance of Pest Control Industrial Solution

Industrial facilities are perfect breeding grounds for pests because of many reasons. Firstly, food production spaces attract pests such as rodents and insects. 

Then, warehouse spaces with stored materials can become safety havens for termites and other wood-boring insects. Additionally, moisture buildup in areas like processing plants can create a perfect home for mold and mildew.

The pest infestation in an industrial setting can lead to an array of problems. Firstly, rodents can damage wires, causing electrical fires and production downtime. 

Then, insects can contaminate raw materials as well as finished products. It can result in product recalls and financial losses. Pests can also carry and transmit various dangerous diseases, posing a severe health risk to employees.

Furthermore, many industries have regulatory bodies with strict pest control requirements. You may have to pay hefty fines if you fail to maintain the rules and regulations.

The Role of Industrial Pest Control Companies

Most industrial pest control companies provide a comprehensive range of services. They include identify, eliminate, and prevent pest infestations in industrial facilities. You can categorize their services into three phases: inspection, treatment, and prevention.


The first step in an effective pest control application is thoroughly inspecting the facility area. One or more trained technicians will conduct a meticulous examination of the premises. 

Also, they will search for signs of pest activity like droppings, gnaw marks, or nesting sites. Then, the technicians will identify potential entry points for pests and areas conducive to their growth.

industrial pest control company


After the experts identify the type and severity of the pest infestation, they will develop a tailored treatment plan for your facility. It can include:

Insecticides: Professionals use chemicals to target insects like cockroaches, flies, and beetles. Pest control services generally use specialized formulations that you can use safely in food processing facilities and other sensitive areas.

Rodenticides: These are generally baits and traps designed to eliminate rodents like rats and mice.

Fumigation: Fumigation is a process that saturates a space with a gaseous pesticide to kill various pests in all stages of their life cycle. Professionals generally use it in case of severe infestations or to treat an entire building.

Exclusion techniques: There are several exclusion techniques to prevent pests from entering a space. They can include sealing cracks, repairing damaged screens, and installing door sweeps.


A reactive approach to pest control is often not enough. Indeed, prevention is better than cure. We at Jahan Pest Control Services develop a long-term prevention plan for our clients, which includes:

Regular monitoring: Our expert technicians will conduct periodic inspections of your premises. It will help them detect any new pest activity early on and nip them in the bud before they become a significant issue. 

Sanitation: Preserving a clean environment is crucial to prevent pests. It includes proper waste management, regularly cleaning food preparation areas, and eliminating potential moisture sources. 

Employee education: Employees in your premises play a vital role in ensuring a pest-free environment. Industrial pest control companies often train employees on pest identification and basic hygiene practices to prevent future infestation.

Choosing the Right Industrial Pest Control Services in Bangladesh

Choosing the right industrial pest company can be challenging if you do not know what factors to weigh. So, here are the factors you must consider: 

Experience: Select a service provider with a proven track record in your specific industry.

Qualifications: Ensure the technicians are licensed and trained in pest control methods and products.

Services offered: Ensure your company offers a comprehensive range of services, including proper inspection, treatment, and prevention applications. 

Safety procedures: Question them about their safety protocols regarding pesticide handling and employee training.

References: You should ask for references from other businesses in your industry.

Insurance: You must ensure that your chosen company has adequate liability and worker’s compensation insurance in case of an accident.

Benefits of Professional Industrial Pest Control Services

Partnering with a well-known and influential industrial pest control company offers businesses a wide range of benefits. Here are some key advantages:

Expertise: Pest control companies have the expertise and experience to deal with even the most challenging infestations. So, they can identify different types of pests, understand their behaviors, and implement the most effective treatment methods.

Safety: Industrial pest control companies use EPA-approved products and employ safe application techniques to minimize the risk to employees and the environment.

Compliance: They stay updated on pest control regulations and ensure your facility complies with all industry standards.

Peace of mind: Knowing that a qualified professional is managing your pest control needs allows you to focus on confidently running your business.


Industrial pest control services are no doubt a vital investment for a successful and smooth business operation. By partnering with a reputed company, you can ensure a long-term pest-free environment for your industrial facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Various types of pests can attack an industrial facility. So, industrial pest control services typically target a broad spectrum. It includes rodents, cockroaches, termites, birds, bedbugs, and any other type of pests you are facing problems with.
Reputed pest control services prioritize safety and precautions. As a result, they use EPA-approved products. Plus, they apply them under strict protocols to minimize risk to people and the environment.
It depends on several factors, such as your industry, the type of pest, and the severity of the infestation. However, most pest control companies suggest regular preventative treatments. Consequently, you may require more frequent visits if there is an active problem.
Here at Jahan Pest Control Services, we typically provide industrial cleaning and pest control services with specific instructions based on the application process. But in general rules, we suggest removing food and storing products away from treatment areas.
Jahan Pest Control Services recommends preventive strategies such as proper sanitation, sealing cracks and entry points, as well as maintaining a clean work environment to prevent pests from returning.

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