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Household Pest Control Services

Are you tired of having unwanted guests at home? Have you heard pest control in Dhaka city enough of stretching while laying down in your bed wanting to be in complete peace? Have you seen things moving across your room making you paranoid? Here are the common pests we treat. We see the best pest control in Dhaka city is an available zone –

Common Pests we treat :

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Household pest control

Household pest control

The best household pest control in Dhaka city is necessary for a peaceful life. Pest infection can leave behind numerous problems including some serious health hazards. Mice and rats can even carry the disease in their urine. Such diseases can transfer from mice to your kitchen and to your food. Similarly pest control in Dhaka city, other pests can cause bacteria culture to spread all over the house making food poisoning a common health concern for your family.

Apart from these unpleasant facts about pests, there are a number of other issues pest control in Dhaka city that can make you frustrated and life, in general, can become more troublesome if you don’t bring your attention to pest control in time. Your timely attention to this problem can help pest control in Dhaka city company and your family safe and keep the infection from spreading over to the neighborhood.

We are able to help you with different services pest control in Dhaka city that will eventually bring the pests under control, helping you to live a healthy and peaceful life. Your family and neighbors will be safe with our advanced Jahan pest control techniques is the best pest control in Dhaka city.

We offer full pest control in Dhaka city residential pest control service, available everywhere in the country. Our professional pest control technicians understand how to handle different pests. In short, you can trust our best pest control in Dhaka city whatever the pest problem. We will help you clear your house of any pests without causing any damage to the ecological balance.

Here are the rodent and insects that you can clear from domestic premises with our pest control services.

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Squirrels
  • Fleas
  • Wasps
  • Fleas

We also offer residential pest control services to control seasonal cluster flies to reach your living accommodation. These may include

  • Carpet beetles
  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Cluster flies
  • Clothes moths


How to know about household pest control?

There are innumerable types and types of insecticides or repellents in stores today the best pest control bd, of which we have no idea how they affect or affect the human body.

According to the licensing authority, several pesticides sold for home use pest control bd may contain active substances with the same carcinogenicity as the notorious. Improper use of dangerous substances increases the risk, as some people spray half a box of spray on a few mosquitoes. Thus, the unprofessional use of dangerous substances presents a great risk, as it is now proven that due to inconsistent and incomplete domestic regulation and authorization of insecticides, some company’s pest control bd in the West are already selling non-marketable harmful substances in Bangladesh.

Among the authorized substances we have found pest control bd substances that have been banned from plant protection throughout the Asian country because of their negative health effects. There have also been materials which are classified as category I or II as plant protection products – that is, only to be used by pest control bd a specialist because of the risks involved.

There are many things we can do against pests in our homes without scattering all kinds of chemicals. If we take only the simplest, after the meal, brush the crumbs, rinse the plates, do not leave the pest control bd food. Also, wash the reusable tins. Put the rest of the food in lockable containers, empty your bin and kitchen compost daily. Insects are attracted to water, so repair drip taps and pipes that leak under the sink. So the basic strategy is prevention. However, once they have nestled in our home, let’s look at some possible alternatives pest control bd to expulsion or disposal against various unwanted roommates:


By using pest control bd bay leaves only for flavoring soups or steamed foods, we miss the benefits of the plant’s natural healing properties and other beneficial properties. For example, if you want to get rid of cockroaches running in your home, scatter some of the crumbled leaves in the kitchen, as the cineole compound in its essential oil has a cockroach repellent effect. At the same time, the best pest control bd is also well suited for preserving and improving health. It has a soothing effect and helps to relax and fall asleep when bathed, which means it has an excellent stress-relieving effect. The pest control bd physician says that bay laurel is particularly suited for treating arthritis and for menstruation. It is anti-infective oil that kills bacteria and fungi that cause disease.


Those who live in a family house must have noticed the appearance of ants in the garden and in the apartment. A lost ant is not a problem if you get the best pest control bd service, but when they are strolling in columns in the apartment it is very unpleasant. But what can we do about them? There are very good antifungal on the market today, but no one wants to spread toxins in their homes. Especially pest control bd not if you have a toddler in the family. Fortunately, there are home-based practices (bio-methods) that are just as effective as an in-store antifungal. Ants are usually attracted to food residues and crumbs, so cleanliness is the best defense against them. But don’t hurt them if they don’t come into the house, because they can do a useful service in the garden until they multiply too much. However, pest control bd, if their nest is close to the house. In addition, ants do not like the smell of garlic, juniper, and lavender. If we place them so that they are on their way, we can hope for their departure.


Flies still carry many diseases that are dangerous to the best pest control bd humans and animals. They prefer to lay their eggs on spoiled meat and other waste and multiply rapidly, especially on hot summer days. First and foremost, make sure that the flies do not remember entering the house, for example, always keep the pest control bd trash can be covered, and place a curtain in the door openings to prevent flies flying over it. Keep food and rubbish in closed containers. Wash the dustbin regularly and thoroughly, especially in summer. Compost and manure attract flies, preferably not near houses. If they do get in pest control bd, the traditional flycatcher can be effective.


Before the tiny silver moths die in the early fall, they lay their pest control bd eggs in cotton and wool or fur, which feeds hatching larvae. Moths prefer dust and dirt. Clean clothes, bedding, and furniture covers before storing them for an extended period of time. We regularly pull out the drawers, pull out the wardrobes, the chests of drawers and inspect the clothes for any signs of moth and it needs the best pest control bd authority zone. They often nest in the clothes they often wear. Moths can be easily destroyed by washing, aeration and sunbathing. Wool, angora and other animal hair, the pest control bd as well as food and sweat spots, attract moths. Always keep our clothes clean. The molar larvae die in the fresh air in the sun. Further defense: Add a few drops of cedar or eucalyptus essential oil to the final rinse water during a wash of wool and soak for about 30 minutes. Freezing is also pest control bd effective against molar larvae and eggs, wrap the wool in nylon and place in the freezer for 24 hours.


Mosquito repellant plants include laurel – lavender – mint – garlic – marigold – basil – oregano – cigar tree and lemongrass. If you surround yourself with these pest control bd fragrant herbs, you can build a reliable bastion, either in the garden or in the windows or close to the door. There will probably be a less well-informed individual who does not know he or she deserves to move on, but there is certainly less of it may be a pest control bd issue.


From the end of the summer pest control bd season, we can protect against large numbers of flies by using the environmentally friendly flies trap. Prevention is the key here too, so don’t miss out on the fruits or vegetables that Muslims love. Cut the neck of an empty PET bottle with a sharp knife or nail scissors so that its width fits into the bottle. The pest control bd services are available in Bangladesh. Be careful when cutting, as the scissors and knife can easily slip on the smooth surface to avoid cutting and pricking ourselves. Fill the bottom of the bottle with 1-2 fingers of water diluted apple slices, maybe pest control bd add a little apple vinegar and add another spoonful of dishwashing detergent. Put the bottle upside down without the cut off cap top and tape it around with tape to prevent the trapped insects from escaping. Muslims can enter the bottle, but pest control bd no longer. Efficiency can be enhanced by making and installing more of these traps in the dwelling flats. Once the muslin invasion is over, the contents of the bottle can be composted and the best pest control bd company bottle itself can be washed away to a separate waste bin.