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Secure long-term pest control Bashundhara

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Pest Control services in Bashundhara

Are you struggling to find a reliable pest control Bashundhara? Finding a trusted pest management professional is a tricky job. However, you have landed on the right spot. We are here to help you find a reputable pest-elimination company.

Bashundhara Residential Area is an excellent place to live in due to its safety, security, and well-developed infrastructure. However, it is not free from pests. Ants, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, fleas, termites, etc., are common in this location. These pests can make your home a hassle. They spread disease, contaminate food, damage property, and cause stress. In this article, we will help you to find a practical solution.

Common Pests in Bashundhara: How To Exterminate Them


Bashundhara Residential Area is a cleaner location than other areas of Dhaka. But you can see mosquito breeding grounds in green spaces like parks or retention ponds. A mosquito maternity ward may develop in clogged gutters, uneven ground, disused containers, etc. You can use DEET, Picaridin, OLE, Synthetic pyrethroids, etc., to clean mosquitoes immediately.

Pest Control Bashundhara


Various types of ants are seen in Bashundhara, such as Red imported fire ants, Argentine ants, Black house ants, Carpenter ants, etc. Food sources, unwanted water access, and cracks & gaps attract these eusocial insects easily. They thrive best when the temperatures are between 16°C and 24°C. You can use different ant sprays or baits, such as Lysol, Windex, etc., to kill ants immediately.


Houses and commercial offices in Bashundhara have become habitats for different cockroaches, such as German, Oriental, Yank, Brown-banded, etc. Food, water, easy entry, clutters, etc., are the common causes of these crafty hitchhikers. They thrive best when the temperature is 70-80°F (21-27°C) and the moisture level is above 60%. You can kill cockroaches instantly by using Cockroach Bait Stations, Aerosol Sprays, etc.


Houseflies, Fruit flies, Blow flies, Black flies, etc., are common flies in the Bashundhara Residential Area. Foods, garbage, moisture, dirty dishes, etc., are the common causes of a fly-ly paradise. A warm, damp, food-filled environment is highly attractive to these small insects. You can use fly traps, fly sprays, fly zappers, household cleaners, etc., to eliminate these tiny creatures.

Why is A Professional Pest Control Service in Bashundhara Necessary?

DIY solutions may work for small, recent infestations for common pests. But when a large or unknown pest infestation is causing severe problems, you must hire a professional pest control in Bashundhara.

Besides, you can’t use OTC products to handle large numbers of resilient pests. They are only suitable for short-term fixes. This solution can’t prevent new ones from emerging. Here is why you should hire a pest management professional.

Total Pest Control: Pest control service providers use high-performing and effective products to eliminate large infestations at the source. Hence, they don’t just kill regular visible pests.

Specialization: A pest management professional has an experienced workforce. They can identify the particular pest. Plus, these experts use targeted methods to ensure appropriate treatment.

Pest Control services Bashundhara

Optimal Safety: Pest elimination involves using harsh chemicals. They have well-trained employees who know how to handle and apply these products without harming humans and pets.

Time-saving: It is time-consuming and frustrating to deal with huge pest infestations without professionals. They have the resources and know the practical techniques to get rid of pests quickly.

Peace of Mind: You will stay tension-free as professionals have the knowledge to kill pests. They will protect your health and property.

How To Choose The Right Pest Control Bashundhara?

Hundreds of pest control services are available in Bashundhara. But are all of them trustworthy? Absolutely not! Select an appropriate pest mitigation specialist to get the best service. Go through these essential criteria to choose a reliable one.

Pest Control in Bashundhara

Reputation and Reviews: Research online and read reviews about the service quality of the particular pest control company. Consider their experiences, certifications, and licenses.

Safety Practices: Consider what type of safety practices they follow while providing service. Select a reliable pest control service in Bashundhara that complies with industry standards and regulations.

Range of Services: Take into account the variety of pest control services they offer. Hence, it must suit your specific pest minimization needs.

Transparency and Communication: Choose a decent pest management professional who communicates openly and clearly. Plus, they must be transparent about their services, pricing, and treatment plans.

Insurance: Select a company that has insurance coverage. It will help you protect your property and belongings if any damages or accidents occur during treatment.

Cost and Value: Of course, quality services are expensive. However, you should still compare their offered price for a specific package with competitors.

How To Prepare Your Home For Pest Control Treatment?

Once you select a decent pest mitigation specialist, tell them about your pest problems. Don’t forget to mention the specific pests and their infected zone. In addition, make them aware of how long they have been inside your house or office. If you have had any pest control service in Bashundhara, acquaint it, too.

Prepare the affected area properly. Additionally, follow the instructions of the pest Control Company conscientiously. If any furniture or other items are in the infected zone, move them to another place temporarily. Keep children, pets, and seniors away from the work area. Plus, talk with the pest control professionals if you have questions.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Future Pest Infestations

Follow the Correct Food Storage Approach

Store food in air-tight containers safely. There should be no crumbs or spills. It will otherwise attract pests.

Dispose Trash Daily

Remove waste material from the house every day. Store trash in a container with a tight lid. In addition, large and heavy trash should be kept outside the home.

Seal Entry Points

Seal all cracks, gaps, and holes using a proper sealer. Also, seal pipes, wires, or cables that are connected to the entry point. Use tight-fitting screens on doors and windows.

Keep House Moisture-free

There should not be any pool of water in bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, fix leaky pipes and faucets. If there are any damp areas, use dehumidifiers to remove moisture.

Clean Your House Regularly

Wipe, mope, and vacuum your house at least once a week, including the corners. Plus, deep-clean all the vulnerable areas to remove breeding grounds of pests.

Sanitize Soft Surfaces 

There might be some Crumbs, spills, and grime on various soft surfaces in your home, such as beds, couches, cushions, and carpets. Wash and sanitize them appropriately.


Are you tolerating pest infestation for a long time? Say goodbye to it by choosing a trusted pest control Bashundhara, such as Jahan Pest Control Service. Their pest mitigation specialists can help you eliminate pests permanently from your houses or offices. They are near your doorstep. Just give them a call or a text.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Jahan Pest Control Service is one of the best pest mitigation specialists in Bashundhara. Contact them at +8801711-876331 or +8801717-958596 to get their service.
Getting our pest elimination services will take only 1-2 days. But it may sometimes take longer due to a hectic schedule. Book them in advance to get faster service.
The price of pest solutions depends on the pest type, pest intensity, affected areas, and prevention measures.
Regular pest infestations take only 1-2 sessions. However, severe infestations will take 3-6 sessions, depending on the intensity of the infestation.
Two yearly pest control sessions are enough if you keep your house and surrounding area neat and clean daily.
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