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Termite Pest Control

Termite Control Service in Bangladesh

Termites are the apparently same size of ants. That’s why it also called white ants. There are many types of termite control Dhaka around the world likely 2700 species but we can find mainly two types of termites. We can know them by their manners and lifestyles. (Termite Control Service Bangladesh)-

Signs of Termite Infestation?

Termites don’t make damages only by eating habits but also cause damage by tunneling and create nesting activates the termite control Dhaka must responsible. Once Termite comes inside, they can attack any part of your house. As quick as they find a food supply they leave an invisible liquid path to draw in for other termites to follow. They can enter buildings through cracks, enlargement joints, hollow bricks or concrete blocks. Best termite control Dhaka city are most of them are unresponsible but, Jahan is the best one who believes it. Any building whether its build with a stone, basement or very strong foundation can be attacked by Termites.

Level of termite control services

Pre- Construction Termite Control

Pre- Construction Termite Control

Pre Construction Termite: When applied during the construction, it may protect the building from termite infestation at least for 15 years and you get termite control Dhaka service. Before the “brick soling” stage pesticide applied in the floor bed, this stage called “floor treatment”. After complete the full building construction work soil barrier: is also created around the building. Pre-construction termite- proofing is a necessity termite control Dhaka in a termite- prone tropical country like Bangladesh.



Post- Construction Termite Control

Prevention is the best solution to take action against Termites which we can provide you with full satisfaction.

Termites – the silent destroyer… if you are building a house and you feel make your home termite control Dhaka or your home is established, termites can cause huge damage. We offer pre-construction treatments, installation of chemical or physical termite barriers under the slab, reticulated termite barriers around the perimeter of your home/under paths, or drill and inject barriers to your existing home.

Our professionally trained pest control technicians offer efficient service in accordance with Bangladesh Standards and comply with the requirements.

Get the pests out of your apartment forever?

The best pest control service Dhaka is one of the Jahan pest control services is available. In the spring, insects, and beetles will revive with nature – and they will be happy to make trips to homes. However, if you don’t want to share your home with flies, ants, and other invaders, use some powerful yet natural weapons against them.

Keep flies away from the apartment!

The flies appear almost immediately as the time is slightly better. Once one or two have entered the apartment to help Jahan pest control service Dhaka, it is best to disassemble them with a quick crossover. If, however, more people come into the apartment – or the first flyers are unwilling to leave – then a little laurel oil, which the flies just can’t bear, comes in handy. Fill two or three smaller bowls with half lukewarm water, add five to six drops of laurel oil to each, and then place the scented bowls at different points in the home. If you damage pest so, you must contact the pest control service Dhaka. Open the windows and enjoy how the little winged intruders get away with it.

If you were to keep flies away, nothing easier than putting basil or tomatoes in a pot on the windowsill, these flies can’t stand. The best pest control service Dhaka city. A bunch of these plants can help: hang it on the window jamb and only replace it when it is dry. In addition to herbs such as lavender can keep the flying pests away with it: a fresh bouquet of lavender impregnable in the form of great help, but essential by the window or next to the bed.

Best Weapons against Ants Invasion

If you’ve already found some ants in the apartment, then act quickly so that it is not too late to move in permanently. So, maybe your best opinion is pest control service Dhaka based. Map the apartment and find their way of moving. Next to the latter, place sponges dipped in sugar solution: the sweet dove seduces the ants, which then get stuck in the sticky sponge. Collect the ant sponges at regular intervals and dip them in hot water to kill the ants on it. Then, put fresh sponges back into the migration path – they will run out after a while. If you don’t agree so, you go to pest control service Dhaka like- Jahan pest control. It’s also good to sprinkle baking powder or baking soda on the route: they take it with them to the flight, consume it, and they die.

If red ants target your home it instant kill them or help to the best pest control service Dhaka is available all-time, get a few bunches of fresh sage and place them on the pantry and kitchen shelves. Red ants can’t stand the smell of sage, so you can keep them away from food. If you can’t find sage, the lemon peel will do it, especially if it’s moldy.

The tomato stems and flowers of the tomato are an excellent ant repellent. If possible want to the best pest control service Dhaka, place the flower or the stem at the beginning of the migration, which you should always change to fresh – the withered, dry part of the plant is not very effective. If there are ants of troops popping up around the house, look for a hole in their duct and insert a small piece of garlic. The ants will flee from him.

Home practices against bees, wasps

Last word- the pest control service Dhaka wait for you but, you must be select the best one. The uterine from your home avoided if ammonia or acetic wash over the sill and the jamb and the door jamb and the threshold of acid. They can’t smell these drugs, so they don’t even try to intrude. An effective solution is to keep vinegar in small bowls at various points in the apartment after flushing you choose the best pest control service Dhaka metropolitan zone, so you don’t have to worry about entering the apartment when all the windows are open.

If you get lost in a crossover try to expose it and get the pest control service Dhaka city, or if you are afraid of it, blow it off with hairspray. Varnish sticks to its wings and won’t fly, so it’s easy to put it out of the apartment by placing it on a paddle. Of course, you can make a trap with natural ingredients: mix lemonade and lemon with sugar, but treat the latter generously. The more sugary and sticky the lemonade, the more effective it will be and you help the best pest organization company authority, such as- pest control service Dhaka. Serve the wasps with over-sugared soft drink: half a glass and let them catch the wasps.