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Pest control service in Chittagong | Best pest control service in Chittagong

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Pest Control Chittagong

Do you need a trusted pest control Chittagong service? So many options are there! You may dive into a confusing world. However, you are in the right place to tackle your pest problems. We are here to help you find the perfect pest control company.

Chittagong is a peaceful, calm, and commercial capital city. Unfortunately, it is not free from pest infestation. Cockroaches, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, ants, flies, lizards, etc., live in this large port city. They can turn your relaxation into frustration, living a nightmare life. This guide offers a practical solution to solve pest issues.

Common Pests in Chittagong


A warm and humid climate year-round is one of the primary reasons behind the presence of mosquitoes in Chittagong. 

Plus, temporary pools of water and overflowing drains create new breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Pest Control Service in Chittagong


These eusocial insects are primarily seen in damaged or cracked walls, pavement cracks, and building gaps. They thrive best when the temperature is between 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit. You will see them near food sources.


These scaly-skinned reptiles carry harmful bacteria like salmonella. Hence, it may cause food poisoning. They are primarily seen in warmer areas, moist locations, and crawl spaces.


Do you see tiny black specks on your house walls? It could be fly droppings. These insects are mostly seen near food scraps, bathrooms, drains, and garbage bins. Plus, they spread diseases such as food poisoning, salmonella, tuberculosis, and dysentery.


These gnawing mammals are primarily seen in walls, crawl spaces, cluttered areas, and food sources. You may find them in your kitchen, basement, or living room. Additionally, they can carry various diseases, such as Hantavirus and Tularemia.

Practical Pest Elimination Solutions

Did you already find the type of pest infestation your house has? Wondering how to tackle them? Here is how you can keep your home free from pests.

DIY Methods

DIY methods are simple and affordable. However, they only work for small, recent infestations of common pests. These simple solutions may work for early detected and non-threatening pests. In addition, their spread should be limited.

Professional Pest Control Services Chittagong

Did pest infestations become serious? You may see large numbers of pests and droppings everywhere. In such cases, a professional pest control service in Chittagong is mandatory. Hence, DIY methods are outmatched here. Several pest elimination specialists are available in Chittagong. Select a certified and highly quality pest control service provider who offers customized treatments based on the requirements.

Pest Control in Chittagong

Why You Need A Professional Pest Control Chittagong Service?

Of course, home remedies are cost-effective and easy to use. However, they might not be the best fit for every pest problem. Hence, you need a professional pest control service in Chittagong. Here is why:

Experiences: Pest management professionals have in-depth knowledge of pest solutions. They are well-trained to use safe and efficient techniques to handle past issues right the first time. Plus, these specialists address the root cause and prevent future problems.

Customized Solutions: Pest control specialists target the specific pest and address your unique situation. Besides, they consider pest infestations’ severity, location, home layout, pet presence, preferred treatment methods, etc.

Safe Application: Professionals use various chemical-based and hazardous products to kill pests. Insecticides, Rodenticides, and Termiticides are the most widely used EPA-registered pesticides. However, well-trained employees know how to safely and correctly use them without harming humans and pets.

Future Protection:  Prevention is better than cure. A professional pest control service provider doesn’t just address the current pest problems. Instead, they will take preventative actions by destroying the root cause of pest infestations.

How to Select an Appropriate Pest Control Service Provider?

Dozens of pest control services are available in Chittagong. But not all of them offer a reliable service. Below are the key points you must consider when it comes to choosing the best pest control company.

License and Insurance: A certified pest elimination company is trustable. If they have an insurance guarantee, it will keep you worry-free from unwanted accidents.

Service Variety: Choose a service provider who has extensive service variety to handle your specific pests. 

Handling Approaches: Not all companies use safe and secure methods to handle pests. They must be cautious about safety and follow the mandatory guidelines.

Clients’ Feedback: Read online reviews to learn about their service quality. You can contact your family, friends, and neighbours who are their past customers.

Service Assurance: Pest control service providers who are confident and assure quality services for a specific period are more authoritative. You won’t have to spend extra money if pests come during the mentioned period.

Rate: Compare their package rate with those of similar competitors to get the best bang. Of course, high-quality services will be expensive as they have a skilled workforce and use high-performing products.

How to Prepare A House for Pest Treatment?

After selecting a reliable pest control Chittagong service, prepare your home correctly for more effective treatments. You can do the following to make the pest treatment easier for professionals.

Remove items: Move and declutter furniture and other items to give professionals easier access to all hiding spots.

Store Food Properly: Keep the food inside airtight containers in safe places away from the affected areas. It will help you eat the food safely later.

Wash or Clean Soft Surfaces: Wash all beddings, fabric furniture, curtains, blinds, tablecloths, and rugs. Also, clean and vacuum couches, chairs, cushions, and carpets. 

Keep pets and kids away: Children and pets should be away from pest-infected areas. Follow the company guidelines regarding safety precautions.

Cover Electronics: Dust may sit on the electronics. Use dust sheets to cover all the electronic items and cables.

Pest Control Day: Here's What to Know

Before starting the treatment, professionals will thoroughly examine all the pest-infected areas. This will help them choose the most practical treatment based on the specific pest. Plus, they will cross-check all the nooks, corners, and backs of the appliances.

If there are insects like ants, roaches, or mosquitoes, they will use insecticides, such as liquid sprays, baits, or dust. However, killing rats and mice requires using Rodenticides like Baits or gels containing poison.

The pest control specialist will guide what should and should not be done during and after the treatment period. You may need to leave your room. Take suggestions and recommendations about cleaning procedures and ventilation once the treatment is done.


Don’t let pests rule your home! Hire a reliable pest control Chittagong service such as Jahan Pest Control Services at your beck and call. Just give them a call or send a message if you prefer a safe, fast, and cost-effective pest elimination service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jahan Pest Control Service is one of the best companies for the best elimination in the long run at a competitive price. Give them a call (+8801711-876331 or +8801717-958596) to book their service now.
Depending on your house size and pest type, it can be anywhere between BDT 1500 and BDT 5000. Plus, your location and severity of the infestation will also affect the cost.
Cockroaches, termites, rodents, bedbugs, mosquitos, ants, flies, lizards, etc., are the most common pests in Chittagong.
Certified professionals use safety precautions to protect humans and pets during pest elimination treatments.
Seal all the entry points, store food safely, clean up crumbs, and eliminate standing water sources.
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