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Pest Control Services in Dhaka: Here’s What You Should Know

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Pest Control Services in Dhaka

Are you looking for reliable pest control services in Dhaka? You do not have to look further, as we bring the best solution for a pest-free environment to your property, be it your home or commercial space.

Pest infestation is a major issue in Dhaka; credit goes to the poor sewerage system in the city and the lack of awareness among people. Lurking in the shadow are critters like cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents, and whatnot! These intruders can turn your heaven into a breeding ground for health risks. But let’s discover the best solution to it.

Jahan Pest Control Services: Your Trusted Partner

Jahan Pest Control Services has built a solid reputation as the go-to pest control company in Dhaka. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, they offer comprehensive pest control solutions to address any pest-related concerns. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and effective results sets them apart from the competition.

pest control services in Dhaka

Common Pests in Dhaka and How to Tackle Them​

Dhaka has no shortage of people, as over 22 million live in its metropolitan area. Alongside people, the city also breeds different kinds of pests. Dhaka’s warm and humid climate creates a breeding ground for various types of pests.


The buzzing bloodsuckers disrupt sleep and transmit diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, etc. Commercial pest control services utilize fogging and larvicide applications to tackle this creature. They also provide guidance on eliminating possible breeding grounds for mosquitos to control their population.


You will find this creature in the kitchen and cabinets of most houses in Dhaka. Keep your cabinet dirty for a few days; you will find them breeding in numbers. This resilient creature carries harmful bacteria, contaminates food, and spreads disease. Professionals strategically use residual sprays, baits, and gel treatments in their hiding spots to eliminate them.


Another significant group in Dhaka’s pest community is bedbugs. They breed in dirty environments and are capable enough to turn your life into a living hell. Bedbugs feed on your blood and spread discomfort and disease. You will need a thorough inspection followed by specialized heat treatment and residual insecticides to eliminate them entirely.

pest control service in dhaka city


Are you sick and tired of gnawing wires and burrowing? You can thank the rats and mice in your house’s hiding spots. They also contaminate your food and spread various diseases. Professionals generally use traps, baits, and rodenticides to eliminate them and prevent them from re-entering.

Why do You Need Professional Pest Control Services in Dhaka?

DIY pest solution may give you some remedy, but if you want a practical solution with long-lasting effects, you need a pest control service to take over. On the other hand, OTC products may not give you the expected result; instead, they can be harmful.

So, here’s why you should hire a professional pest control services Dhaka city offers

Expertise: Professional technicians have the necessary training, knowledge and experience to identify your pest issue. They will create and execute a customized pest control plan based on your condition.

Customized Treatments: Professionals use targeted methods and products to eliminate the pest problem directly. It minimizes risks to your health and the environment of your house.

Effective Products: Commercial pest control services have access to adequate and strong pest control products for better results. Generally, these products are not available to the general public, who are not experts in this field.

Long-Term Solutions:  Generally, a good pest control company does not just address the current issue; they also implement preventative measures to stop pests from returning in the future. It ensures a sustainable solution for a pest-free home.

Safety: Safety is one of the significant issues when it comes to pest control applications. Licensed technicians have the proper safety gear and knowledge to handle potentially harmful chemicals safely and effectively. Most importantly, they understand the importance of following safety guidelines and take them very seriously.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Service in Dhaka City

You will find numerous pest control companies in Dhaka. But finding the right company can be difficult. Here are some factors you should consider to find the best pest control company in Dhaka!

 Experience: Go with a company with a proven track record and extensive experience dealing with pests in Dhaka.

Licensing and Insurance: Ensure your chosen company has a proper license from the relevant authorities and insurance to protect you in case of any accidents.

Services Offered: Select a pest control service provider that offers services customized to your specific type of pest.

Treatment Methods: Ask them questions about the methods they will use. Also, make sure they are serious about safety precautions and guidelines.

Guarantees: You must choose a company that provides guarantees on their services. It will show their commitment, and you will have peace of mind knowing you are getting a good service.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations: Do not forget to read online reviews before deciding on a particular service provider. Also, ask your friends or neighbours for recommendations to know the company’s reputation.

Cost: Get quotations from several companies before making a decision. Also, consider the value you will get from them, not just the initial price.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pest Control Service

To get the most out of your chosen pest control services Dhaka, you have to properly inform them about the type of pest issue you are facing. You must also tell them about the areas of infestation and whether you have any previous pest control attempts.

Make sure to follow the company’s pre-treatment instructions strictly. It can involve removing clutters from your home, relocating your pets for the duration of treatment, and any other instruction you get from them. If you have any queries or concerns, ask them directly without any hesitation.

Preventing Future Infestations

Maintain a clean and clutter-free environment.

To prevent future infestation, you must regularly clean your home. Pay special attention to areas where food crumbs and spills might attract pests. Declutter your home space to remove potential hiding spots for insects and rodents.

Seal potential entry points

Check for cracks, gaps, or holes around your home’s windows, doors, and utility lines. Seal these openings to prevent insects or rodents from entering. You can also use baits at these potential entry points.

Store food properly

Always store your foods in airtight containers and avoid leaving food spills here and there. Regularly dispose of garbage, which can be a breeding spot for cockroaches and rodents.

Address moisture issues

Moisture attracts many pests. If you have uncovered drains around your house, clean them regularly. Arrange proper ventilation in your bathrooms and kitchens to prevent moisture build-up.

Regularly inspect your home

Vigilance is very crucial when it comes to preventing pests. Search for signs of pest activity like droppings, gnaw marks, or shed skin. Early detection will help you nip an infestation in the bud before it becomes a major problem again.


You do not necessarily surrender your home to pests. Especially when you have access to Jahan Pest Control Services at your fingertip, if you search for the best pest control services in Dhaka contact number online, you will find their phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jahan Pest Control service has emerged as one of Dhaka's best pest control services. You can contact them on their mobile number: +8801711-876331 and +8801717-958596.
The longevity of pest control treatments depends on the type of pest issue you have and the type of treatment. Typically, the effects last about a few weeks to several months.
It depends on the severity of pest infestation. Minor issues require only one session, while severe conditions can demand multiple sessions.
The cost of a good pest control service depends on the size of the pest-infested area and its severity. Generally, you can expect somewhere between BDT 1500 and BDT 5000.
Professional pest control services use various industry-grade ingredients, such as insecticides, rodenticides, and fumigation processes.
A pest control service is suitable for homes with pest infestation issues. It provides long-term effective solutions.
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